Make Yourself At Home

Suzanna Gregg, founder of Art High, explores the variety of art found in the home.



We may not believe we have much art in our homes, if any, yet a brief look around will quickly prove otherwise. Think beyond what hangs on the walls, to the objects we use everyday and the décor of the rooms we live in.




Look in the kitchen for example, at the crockery we use everyday. The design – shape, colour, pattern – make a cup beautiful as well as useful.  Do you have a favourite mug? Think about why you like it. Whether you enjoy how it looks, or how it feels in your hands, you are appreciating the art and design applied in its making.




Consider the décor of your home, the walls, floors and soft furnishing. Did you carefully select a combination of colours and patterns which blend well together? In doing so you have actually curated a display to suit your personal taste, creating your own private exhibition.

Are you persuaded? Whether art hangs on the walls or sits in the kitchen cupboard, it is there, present in every home.







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